Steps For Selling A Structured Settlement Part 2

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You have picked a buyer for your structured settlement
and you are questioning what the remainder of the actions are.
Now we’ll take you through the remainder of the procedure so
that you understand what you should do to make the procedure
as easy as possible.

1. When you have picked your buyer, you will need to
supply the buyer with some info. The quicker
you gather the details, the less time it will
take, however the process can last anywhere from two to
fourteen days.

The things that you may need to offer are the

Release/court judgment/settlement arrangement The
agreement from the payment service provider or insurance
company/Annuity policy Bank statement or stub to
verify payment Your own personal details, which
could consist of a state issued ID or driver’s license.
Copy of divorce decree or marital relationship license (if it
applies) Any files releasing a bankruptcy (if it
applies) Information about your lawyer

2. After everything remains in the buyer’s hands, this is a
great time to ask them what about the underwriting
procedure and how it works. Beware if the purchaser states it
will be a short processing time.

3. As soon as the underwriting process is done, the buyer
will provide it to a judge to evaluate. Ask your attorney
if you need to appear, and if it remains in your finest
interests. Learn from the purchaser what the expenses are
and who will be responsible to pay them.

4. If your demand is approved, the buyer will offer
you the money.

Remember this is simply a set of standards, and each
situation is special.